CASPER’s in the house.

Ensure that no vacant building is truly abandoned with CASPER


Vacant properties shouldn’t leave nearby residents feeling abandoned. CASPER makes it easy to monitor empty buildings, enhancing safety and stabilizing neighborhoods – a key step to revitalizing disinvested communities.

Real Estate Investors

Fire, flooding, theft and vandalism cost billions of dollars annually in vacant property losses. CASPER helps you secure empty buildings, 24/7, leading to safer neighborhoods, and enhanced property values.

How CASPER Works

CASPER’s solar-powered, onsite solution wirelessly monitors abandoned properties for break-ins, fires, flooding and more, then alerts neighbors and emergency responders – before problems turn into catastrophes. One unit per house is usually all that’s needed. CASPER can quickly be deployed, repositioned, or relocated, and managed remotely through a single convenient web portal.

CASPER is also a planning tool, helping neighbors, city officials and other stakeholders better understand and address what’s occurring in vacant and abandoned properties by compiling historical activity data.


With a user friendly, convenient app, the CASPER Portal enables you to manage your CASPER sites via smartphone, tablet, or Mac/PC. Functions include notification settings, historical activity data – such as motion sensor events, temperature & humidity readings – and daily check-ins that provide peace of mind knowing that CASPER is working.

Case Study:
Louisville, KY

Half of all multi-building fires in the City of Louisville involve at least one abandoned building – making them a danger to neighbors’ lives and property. So in 2015 city leaders challenged the community to find a solution. The founders of CASPER created a wireless system that notified neighbors and firefighters when smoke detectors sounded. A six-month pilot program yielded over 100 successful tests, two real-life confirmed detections, and zero false positives. Louisville has now expanded the program to over a hundred more buildings to ensure the safety of all Louisville families living near abandoned homes.

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Nathan Armentrout
Founder & CEO