CASPER’s in the house.

Fast & affordable, CASPER Security actively protects and empowers neighborhoods by monitoring abandoned properties and alerting both neighbors & cities when danger is imminent.

Now accepting a limited number of cities to our beta program!


CASPER and its suite of sensors constantly monitor abandoned properties for events like smoke detector sirens, break-ins, and floods. When a potentially dangerous event occurs, CASPER alerts both neighbors and emergency services so situations don’t turn into catastrophes.

Better yet, through the CASPER Portal, neighbors and city officials can better understand and address activities happening in vacant and abandoned properties by looking at historical activity data.

  • Multiple on-board sensors: microphone, temperature, humidity, motion
  • Pairs with additional wireless motion sensors for intrusion detection
  • LTE/3G cellular connectivity
  • Up to 6 months operation with no sun light
  •  24/7/365 device monitoring & installation provided by CASPER Security
  • Daily device status data reporting
  • Turn-key, full service solutions are available

Louisville’s Success

In 2015, the city of Louisville, KY noticed a big problem: half of all fires involving two or more buildings involved an abandoned property. The city recognized the threat to families and challenged the community to make a solution – and they did. A team of civic hackers developed CASPER and soon after piloted 10 devices across 15 homes for six months, culminating in over 100 successful tests, two real life confirmed detections, and zero false positives. Following the success of the pilot, Louisville is expanding the program to more homes to ensure the safety of all Louisville families living next to abandoned homes.

As featured on CNET. Click here to read the full story.

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Nathan Armentrout

Founder & CEO

James Gissendaner, Jr.

Founder & Backend Systems Engineer

David Jokinen

Founder & Web Developer

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