Meet CASPER, Your New Neighbor

Vacant and abandoned properties create a cascade of negative problems for the surrounding community – falling property values; increased threat of crime, fire and other safety issues; and reduced tax revenue. Worst of all may be the sense of abandonment felt by neighbors, who are then less likely to invest in their own properties.

In 2008, abandoned buildings in 8 Ohio cities cost $15 million in direct city services and $49 million in cumulative lost tax revenue.

The Problem of Abandoned Buildings and Lots

Cities across the country recognize this but are often trapped in a reactive instead of proactive situation. Code enforcement agencies rarely have sufficient staff to keep up with inspections and enforcement. Police and fire departments often find themselves in riskier situations at abandoned properties than necessary.

How do you stay ahead of rapidly deteriorating properties while making plans and developing partnerships to revitalize these disinvested areas?

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  • Detect potential break-ins and squatters when plywood, clear boarding, windows, or doors are tampered or removed via attached motion sensors
  • Detect potential fires early through detection of heat & smoke alarm sirens throughout an average house
  • Report temperature, humidity and power consumption changes every 24 hours 
  • Alert 911 &, property owners, & neighbors to emergencies.

And CASPER is a hardworking neighbor that’s cost-effective and easy to install. It’s designed to run for years without maintenance, and it can even run up to 6 months without sun or AC power.

CASPER is also designed for scale. CASPER devices can easily be deployed to thousands of properties, repositioned or relocated, and managed remotely with the CASPER Portal App.

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Nathan Armentrout
Founder & CEO