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A vacant property is an asset that – if left unattended – quickly loses value and becomes a major obstacle to new investment. Not only is there the direct cost of fire, flooding, theft and vandalism; there’s also the indirect cost of lower property values or time delays during remodeling. Additionally, many municipalities across are becoming more aggressive in efforts to hold not only owners but also lienholders responsible for maintaining these properties.

In Rochester, NY, vacant buildings were found to reduce the price of nearby buildings by about $3,000.

Now you can conveniently and cost-effectively maintain vacant properties for which you are responsible, and make a positive investment in the surrounding neighborhood, with CASPER.

  • Detect potential break-ins and squatters when plywood, clear boarding, windows, or doors are tampered or removed via attached motion sensors
  • Detect potential fires early through detection of heat & smoke alarm sirens throughout an average house
  • Report temperature, humidity and power consumption changes every 24 hours 
  • Alert 911, property owners, & neighbors to emergencies.

CASPER is an easy-to-install, cost-effective solution that’s designed to run for years without maintenance, and can even run up to 6 months without sun or AC power.  

It’s also designed for scale. Our devices can easily be deployed to thousands of properties, repositioned or relocated, and managed remotely with the CASPER Portal App.

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